David Wak
J. Gabriel Ware
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An editorial intern at Encore, J. Gabriel explored historic curb cuts and the nonprofit Jamaica Rehab Partners for this month’s issue. While working on his story Therapeutic Mission, J. Gabriel got a glimpse of the lives of poor patients in Jamaica and a special bond between father and daughter. “This is the most significant story I have written so far. I attempted to tell many stories in this one piece because I felt that each one of them needed to be told,” he says. J. Gabriel will be a senior at Western Michigan University this fall.

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Mark Wedel
Robert M. Weir
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Robert is a writer, author, speaker, book editor and authors’ coach. He is an advocate of world travel as a means to enmesh ourselves in diverse cultures and thus attain “peace through understanding.” This concept is apropos for his article on Keith Mumma who, through his work with International Child Care and photography in Haiti, is helping others better understand and thus provide humanitarian aid to the people who live in that Caribbean nation. You can see more of Robert’s writing at

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