A Lot of Local Color

Paint the town red, yellow, indigo, periwinkle or whatever color you want
Things are looking up on the downtown Kalamazoo mall in this coloring page image created from a photo by Brian K. Powers.

© 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

For the last few years, Encore’s June issue has had the recurring theme of “See Your Town Like a Tourist,” with articles on places, people and events in our own backyard that we residents might just take for granted. This year, cognizant of us all remaining in or slightly emerging from our COVID-19 cocoons, Encore invites readers to see our community through their own eyes with our adult coloring pages.

Admit it, during the stay-at-home restrictions you might have done a few jigsaw puzzles or colored a few pictures. It was relaxing, wasn’t it? It’s fun to exercise those creative, colorful impulses you’ve repressed since childhood. So keep
doing it.

This issue offers coloring pages reflecting scenes from Kalamazoo as well as images that go with our “See Your Town Like a Tourist” stories. While glossy, the pages are well suited for coloring with markers, colored pencils or crayons. (We recommend markers to really make your pictures frame-worthy.) So get out your Crayola 64-pack and go to town. Read these stories to find out how:

  • Five Faves
    Historian reveals the stories behind Kalamazoo street names
  • Drink Like a Local
    History, rivalry, funky features and ways to explore Kalamazoo’s bar scene
  • Fun for Under $50
    Outdoor and indoor activities that are easy on the wallet
  • Color the Zoo
    Iconic Kalamazoo scenes for your to download, color and make your own.

Download the Coloring pages

Encore A Lot of Local Color Coloring Pages
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Discover Kalamazoo Coloring Pages
Some of Kalamazoo's most beloved places are available to download and color to make your own!