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Got deer? Show these guys

The next time a doe deigns to take a healthy nibble of your hostas, snap a picture and share it with two Kalamazoo College students who are tabulating deer populations in Kalamazoo-area neighborhoods for a school project.

Jake Osen and Zach Brazil need volunteers to submit deer pictures through the free mobile app iNaturalist. The pictures will help the students identify where deer populations are reaching problematic levels in local neighborhoods. Osen, Brazil and scientists then will confirm what the app finds and use the location data to ascertain what’s attracting deer to those areas.

You can find the iNaturalist app in the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). After downloading it, create a free account using an email address, social media account or Google account. The app will ask to use your location. After confirming permission, use the “Explore” tab to find observations submitted by others. Click the “More” tab and search “Projects” for “Deer populations in the residential areas of Kalamazoo” to volunteer for Osen and Brazil’s project. After joining, simply upload pictures of deer you find in Kalamazoo.