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K College stages The Compass
The Compass

The Compass, Michael Rohd’s interactive play exploring technology’s impact on a youth’s decision-making, is a challenge for any theater troupe, but add a pandemic and it becomes more daunting. However, The Festival Playhouse at Kalamazoo College is up to the challenge and will perform and livestream the play Feb. 24-28.

The play was written to have a different ending each time it is performed dependent on audience participation, and while details on how The Festival Playhouse will handle that given pandemic restrictions were still being worked out at press time, there is sure to be plenty of creativity involved. There will be four live performances of the production at the Nelda K. Balch Playhouse, 129 Thompson St. with a limited number of patrons in the house, which will be recorded as well as livestreamed.

Performance times and ticket information, including cost, is available at