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June 01 2019

Summer music festivals in western Michigan are as varied and eclectic as the musicians who play them.

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September 01 2018

You need some real love, baby?

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November 01 2017

With eight performances scheduled throughout the month, the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music is a feast of spiritual and cultural music.

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June 30 2017

Folk music lovers rejoice! A new festival for you kicks off this month in Portage.

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March 01 2017

Chris Falk once got a job because he looked like Elvis, but it’s his passion for music that has kept him at the forefront of music promot

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March 01 2017

Stringed instruments, their makers and players are featured in the annual Kalamazoo Fretboard Festival March 3–4 at the Kalamazoo Valley

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January 30 2017

The spotlight will be on acoustic music of all types Feb. 3–4 as the Cooper’s Glen Music Festival again graces downtown Kalamazoo.

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August 01 2014

You can catch a slate of indie bands at the first-ever Arcfest, a combined beer release and music festival that will be hosted by Arcligh

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