Past Issues

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December 2010

Through art, Sid Ellis strives to tie cultures together.

November 2010

James Dally finds a way to make it happen.

October 2010

It’s the journey AND the destination for artists Marijo and John Carney.

September 2010

Steve and Connie Kamerling combine science and music in their eclectic life.

May 2010

Viola is the passion of Igor Fedotov and Elina Fedotova's organic products are kind to the skin.

April 2010

Playing the pipa and gu-zheng help Minnie and Ivy Lee connect with their native culture.

March 2010

Seemingly diverse in her pursuits, Bobbe Luce has only one focus.

February 2010

Rotary’s Group Study Exchange is one of Kalamazoo’s many World Connections.

January 2010

The Kalamazoo Free Dental Clinic helps fill a local need.


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