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September 2007

For John and Linda Dunn, Kalamazoo is a new place to explore.

May 2007

A multitude of volunteers make the KIA Art Fair possible every June.

April 2007

For professor and scholar, Grace Tiffany, Shakespeare and his characters provide inspiration for her writing.

March 2007

Preparing future scientists keeps the labs humming at the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center.

February 2007

Exceeding the benefactor's expectations continually challenges those at the Fetzer Institute.

January 2007

The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre is in the capable hands of artistic director Morrie Enders and managing director Kristen Chesak.

December 2006

Woodworker Dennis Dahl creates old-world quality products at Homestead Furniture.

November 2006

For Gil and Lila Collver and their family, phones have been number one for generations.

October 2006

At the Kalamazoo Crime Lab, the staff is serious about collecting and analyzing evidence to convict criminals.

September 2006

The Kalamazoo Valley Museum sorts through its treasures as it marks 125 years.



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