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January 01 2022

Fire has been a challenge everywhere for years, and more than one distinguished Kalamazoo landmark has been taken down in a blaze.

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November 01 2021

In the early to mid-20th century, regional breweries built awareness for their brands with such art as motion beer signs, back-bar chalkw

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October 01 2021

Last fall my husband and I decided to start taking Saturday afternoon and Sunday drives.

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August 01 2021

One of the many amenities Kalamazoo County has is a large number of parks owned by townships, cities and the county itself.

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July 01 2021

Hammocking has become so popular among Western Michigan University students that the school is incorporating an indoor hammocking lounge

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June 01 2021

With their green space and accessibility, parks add much to a community, no matter its size.

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June 01 2021

Downtown Kalamazoo has woken from a pandemic slumber and is ready and raring to go.

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May 01 2021

After months of being cooped up, socially distanced and quarantined, many people are ready to embrace the coming summer and the great out

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April 01 2021

Kalamazoo has an abundance of many things, including older homes, which are seen by many to be an asset of our community.

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March 01 2021

For years, Kalamazoo produced a variety of products that made the city famous around the state, around the country and around the world.

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