Lisa Mackinder
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Lisa’s work has previously appeared in various Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Animal Wellness, Dog World, Michigan Meetings and Events Magazine, MiBiz, and other publications. Though having covered a wide-range of topics, Lisa most enjoys composing people-centric pieces, as well as those featuring nature and animals. She lives in Portage with her husband, and when not at her Mac, participates in outdoor activities, including fly fishing, gardening and hiking.

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Jeremy Martin
Samantha Marzke
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Samantha grew up in St. Joseph, pas-sionate about sports and following current trends. She covered the waterfront for <em>Encore</em> in the May 2017 issue, writing about a gifted cellist, a WMU staffer who works to make students’ first year successful and dorm room decor. Samantha graduated in April from WMU with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and is an aspiring freelance writer who plans to move to West Palm Beach, Florida, in the fall.

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Larry Massie
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Larry B. Massie, who has written more than 100 articles for Encore under three editorial regimes, contributed this month’s article “The Birth of Borgess,” based, in part, on his 22nd Michigan history book, Health Care Anew: The First 125 years of Borgess Health, to be published soon. He and his partner, culinary historian Priscilla Massie (pictured with him), reside in the Allegan Forest amidst their private library of 45,000 volumes. In 2011 the Historical Society of Michigan awarded Larry Massie its first Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Samantha May
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Samantha graduated from WMU in April with a bachelor’s degree in film, video, and media studies. She enjoys being creative every second she can, whether that be with writing, photography or video recording. She found ideas for her stories through her use of social media and interactions with her classmates. She says she hopes her stories paint pictures that help readers experience the yoga room at Milwood Elementary and the creative, colorful workshop of Bambüz’s Prashant Dault.

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Bill McElhone