See Your Town Like a Tourist

Do what the locals do

© 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

Seasoned sightseers say that to really experience and enjoy a new destination, you’ve got to see it the way the locals do.

But what if you are the local?

Well, then we say “see your town like a tourist.” In our special issue, See Your Town Like a Tourist, we tell you how to get out and explore the greater Kalamazoo area this summer as if you've never been here before.

Read these stories to find out how:

Ditch Your Car
Pedal, paddle or beat a path to see the nature of the place

Find a Farmers’ Market
How to get the most out of fresh air, fresh food venues

Hunt for Treasure
Seek and ye shall find – or at least have fun looking

Experience Some Local Color
Learn, or rediscover, what makes Kalamazoo unique