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Five Faves – Gifts of Organization

Great gifts for those who need a little organization

I’ve never known a time when I wasn’t separating items and grouping similar ones together or tidying things. When I was growing up in a family with four boys under the age of 6, home life was chaotic. But all my little clothes hung neatly in my closet, organized by color and type. My toys were always in some sort of lineup. No matter what craziness was going on around me, I could always go to my tidy room and feel calm.

At a very young age, I identified one of the most important organizing concepts: Our physical surroundings have a major impact on how we think and feel. So, what could be a better gift than something that gives people that calming magic?

Here are five of my favorite organizing products that I am giving this year.

1. Pot, Pan & Platter Storage Rack

Rattling pots, pans and lids around makes such a racket! It also requires the person clattering through a cupboard, drawer or box searching for a pan to have to yell loudly, “I’m OK, everybody! I’m OK!”

Standing up as a tower, this versatile storage rack holds pots and pans so that they slide in and out effortlessly and silently, never making contact with each other. Placed on its side, it files serving platters and baking sheets side by side, all in a row. It sets up effortlessly in about a minute, with zero hardware.

Its solid, steel design is strong enough to hold my large Lodge cast-iron skillet with ease. Give this as a gift and you’ll lovingly spring to mind whenever someone is grabbing a pan, especially if they are sneaking a midnight snack in a sleeping household.

Find it at

2. Food Storage Wrap Dispenser and Bag Organizer

I really think Food Wrap Anxiety Disorder is a thing. Reaching into a drawer of crushed, ripped and mangled boxes of food storage bags and wraps while trying not to cut my hands on that sharp jagged thingamajig that rips the plastic wrap off the roll used to give me anxiety. So, discovering these space-saving containers to keep storage bags and wraps in their clearly labeled compartments was better than therapy.

These organizers come in all shapes and sizes, and I especially like the ones made of sustainable bamboo. They are the perfect gift for anyone who has foil, plastic wrap or plastic bags, which is pretty much anyone with a kitchen. Whoever receives this gift will be singing your praises every time they need to wrap some food or grab a baggie. They might also charge straight at you and tackle you for a huge hug, so I’d prepare yourself.

Food Storage Wrap Dispenser: Find it at

Food Storage Bag Organizer Box: Find it at

3. Red the Crab Spoon Rest

Meet Red, the little crab that’s a non-slip silicone spoon rest and steam releaser.
Position this little crustacean on the edge of your pots and pans and use him to hold spoons or put him on the edge of a pot lid to let out the steam. Every time Red’s on duty at our house while I’m cooking for guests, one of his fellow silicone crustaceans ends up on a flight from Amazon. He’s the perfect small gift for a stocking stuffer. And besides, who doesn’t like crab?

Find it at

4. Drill Brushes

For me, organizing and cleaning go hand in hand, and these drill brush attachments will spin their way right into your cleaning supplies. They might spin your head around too when you see how easy and fun they make de-griming sinks, tubs, counters, floors and corners. There are three different-size brushes and an extender that fit nearly all power drills. This gift is perfect for the those we love who have a thing for power tools. Have them try using their precious drill for cleaning and watch them go. Then walk slowly away, grab a refreshing beverage and a copy of Encore, and kick back while someone else has all the “fun” of cleaning!

Find it at

5. Souper Cubes

Souper Cubes are time- and money-saving giants. Fill, cover, freeze. Heat, eat, repeat. Fill them with leftovers or cook in bulk and freeze portions of your favorite meals, soups, sauces, pasta, potatoes, veggies, or basically anything.

Clearly marked portion-amount lines allow for easy recipe measurements and portion control. The lids fit tightly, and frozen food portions pop out with ease to be stored in freezer containers or bags for those hungry nights when time is tight and you need a meal ready in minutes.

Find it at

Dan Cunningham

After 30 years in the field of organization, sharing tips and tricks with clients as The Organizer Man, Dan Cunningham of Portage makes videos about organizational products for Amazon as one of its primary organizing influencers and has more than 100,000 followers on TikTok. You can find all these products and more on his page at Amazon. com/shop/theorganizerman.

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