Past Issues

September 2014

Recently opening in August 2014, the WMU Homer Stryker M.D. Medical School has already had a healthy effect on the area.

June 2014

Whether playing disc golf or ultimate, local flying disc enthusiasts are making their mark.

April 2014

Those affected by Autism take heart as region's awareness and resources are building.

March 2014

'Green' and thrifty shoppers are fueling the uptick of resale stores in Southwest Michigan.

February 2014

From counting birds and butterflies to developing apps, a cadre of ordinary folks are contributing to scientific discovery.

January 2014

Will Kalamazoo College's new center become a hub for developing leaders who can change the world?

December 2013

The Kalamazoo Children's Chorus is attracting young singers and generating acclaim.

November 2013

Veterans and high-schoolers create living histories together.

October 2013

Libraries reinvent themselves to meet the changing times.

September 2013

Three Rivers couple's canoe and kayak livery puts people to paddling.



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